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Commonly Asked Questions

Our van life conversion services focus predominately on customizing high-roof cargo vans for living, working, and traveling. Through our skillfully designed layouts, which focus on optimizing space, the conversion options are endless!

Still not sure if van life is right for you?

Ask us about other custom conversion options like buses, box trucks, trailers, and more!

What makes van life better than traditional RV travel?

There are many advantages of van life over RV living:

  1. Completely self-sufficient electrical setup (no shore power needed)

  2. Better drivability and off-road capabilities

  3. Much more affordable

How do I know if van life is right for me?

With the right customizations, van life is right for anyone! Here is a list of activities that van life is great for:

  1. Traveling (single, couples, pet owners, small families)

  2. Business (mobile offices, salons, and more)

  3. Full-time living

About Our Van Life Conversions

Vans to Choose From

RAM Promaster

Key Features

  • Widest living area

  • Typically most affordable new and used options

Mercedes Sprinter

Key Features

  • Diesel options (which can lead to higher repair and maintenance costs)

  • New vehicles are easy to find

Ford Transit

Key Features

  • Most narrow option

  • Highest roof

  • Price-point is between RAM and Mercedes

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